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Pyramid Pathways - ممرات الهرم

4.2 ( 992 ratings )
游戏 보드 가족
开发 Daniel Shelly
2.99 USD

الشرح باللغه العربيه متاح على صفحة المساعده

Pyramid Pathways provides the challenge of a two player Strategy Board Game plus the excitement of Hidden Treasure Quests. This new Egyptian based Board Game can be played:

- locally with friends as a Tabletop game.
- remotely around the world using Game Center matches.
- Simultaneously with different opponents in up to 4 active games.

Board Game play is based on one simple concept. Use your game pieces to construct a connected pathway from end-to-end (Red) or top-to-bottom (Blue). At the same time, prevent your opponent from completing their pathway. As gameplay continues, the strategy grows surprisingly complex, providing opportunities to capture opposing pieces and create new paths to victory.

To assist your gameplay, journey beneath the pyramid in search for Hidden Treasure and Bonus Wild Cards. Then use the Wild Cards you discover to Rule the Board during Game Center play! Within the pyramid’s pathways encounter stories of the ancient Egyptian gods Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nephthys, Horus and Anubis, and help restore order within their ancient kingdom.

- Easy to Learn
- A lifetime to conquer
- Suitable for All Ages (No in-App purchases or social messaging)

Pyramid Pathways is another family-friendly game from Shelly Data Doodles - "Building Apps that Make Life Fun!"

Pyramid Pathways was created with the assistance of our Cairo-based partner - Memphis Tours Egypt. Experts at providing tours of the Egyptian pyramids since 1955, Memphis Tours helped provide cultural consultation, Arabic translation, and images from original artwork found within the pyramids of Egypt!